9 Ways DC Entertainment Can Catch Up to Marvel Studios


As Avi Arad told us recently, “Hollywood is a town about announcements,” but you can only announce so many movies without moving forward in development before we start becoming dubious these are real movies that might ever happen. The one DC character that’s been in talks the longest (outside of the defunct Justice League movie) is a movie based on The Flash, which we heard almost nothing about once it was realized that Green Lantern didn’t work.

Recently, it was announced by Variety that DC has movies based on Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, Shazam, Lobo and the Suicide Squad in the works, as well as another plan to get going on a Justice League movie. After Iron Man‘s opening weekend, Marvel Studios went on the record with what they had planned next, even setting release dates for the next few movies years in advance. Then they moved forward, hired directors, cast the movies and actually made those movies and all of them delivered.

Wonder Woman and Shazam! movies have already been in development for years and then systematically stalled and lost their creative teams while Guy Ritchie was going to do a Lobo movie at one point and now he isn’t. While we like Aquaman and Green Arrow as characters, we can’t imagine that movies based on them would do particularly well, James Cameron’s fictitious movie not withstanding.

It’s not enough to keep making Batman and Superman movies just because they’re such easy sells, so if you’re going to decide on making a Suicide Squad movie then figure it out, get a director and cast and make it. If you’re just throwing names out there to get the fans excited, then stop announcing so many movies and make the movie quietly and then just let us know when you’re ready to release them. (We’ll also add that next week’s Comic-Con would be a great time to give an update on those projects or announce some creative teams, but we don’t expect that to happen.)