9 Ways DC Entertainment Can Catch Up to Marvel Studios


This may be the most obvious of our tips since it’s already something that worked so well with Marvel Studios leading up to this year’s The Avengers, and everyone has paid attention.

The post-credits scene in Iron Man when Samuel L. Jackson showed up to talk to Tony Stark about the “Avenger Initiative” was a huge moment in comic book movie history because it hinted that they were working up to something big. The company then announced that they’d introduce two more Marvel characters that hadn’t been seen in any sort of live action incarnation in many decades. And then the company delivered.

By comparison, Warner Bros. has made a big deal on focusing on their DC Entertainment properties post-“Harry Potter” and they kick that off with the weak Green Lantern that does little to hint at a bigger universe except for maybe the presence of Angela Bassett as Amanda Waller, who most comic fans will know as the head of the Suicide Squad. There was very little purpose of having her in a Green Lantern movie but now that she’s out there, Bassett needs to play Waller in any Suicide Squad movie and there has to be some design that a Suicide Squad movie will have a purpose besides being a standalone ala The Losers or Constantine or such.