9 Ways DC Entertainment Can Catch Up to Marvel Studios


Speaking of Wonder Woman, the fact that Warner Bros. has not made a movie based on one of DC Comics’ longest-running female characters may be their biggest embarrassment to date. Sure, there are a lot of reasons and excuses including the myth that big budget movies featuring female leads rarely do well – tell that to The Hunger Games, which squashed that one quite readily with its $400 million domestic gross.

There is so much great mythology to this character in the comics and so many different options in which way she can be taken, so it’s unfathomable that no one has been able to figure out a way to crack the nut of bringing her to the screen. Personally, we think they should go back to what George Perez did with the characters in the ‘80s post-“Crisis” rather than going for the odd Vertigo-like tone of the current series, but it’s still a fairly simple story. You’d just have to introduce Diana as an Amazon on Themyscira Island and their ongoing conflict with the Gods, and then set the other half of the movie in “Man’s World” with Diana trying to adjust to that environment. We already know a movie like this will work because of Thor and seeing Captain America adjust to modern day in The Avengers, so why has it been so difficult?

The key to making Wonder Woman work is that you have to make her a character that will appeal as much or more to women and girls than to men, so she can’t be overly sexualized. She has to be tough, and you have to get an actress that women can look up to. (Lesson learned from Catwoman: Halle Berry ain’t it.) As soon as we saw Steven Soderbergh’s Haywire, we thought that they had found the perfect Wonder Woman in Gina Carano (right), and they even made a joke about it in the movie.

Personally, I don’t think DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. will convince me they’re ready to move forward with other characters beyond Superman and Batman until they deliver a quality Wonder Woman movie.