9 Ways DC Entertainment Can Catch Up to Marvel Studios


As we mentioned earlier, the New 52 has been a great case study on how to relaunch a comic book line and reinvent popular DC Comics characters in a way that can appeal to new and modern readers without losing the fans who made them so popular in the first place.

There’s a lot of great material in what DC has been doing over the last 9 months, and a lot of why the New 52 has worked so well is because they put together great creative teams who in some cases went back to the drawing board to reinvent the characters and many of those great new ideas could be translated into movies without much difficulty. For example, what Geoff Johns and Jim Lee did in their first story arc on “Justice League” could easily make a great movie with a couple of small changes. Even beyond that, DC Comics has a long publishing history that has allowed very talented writers and artists to create some great stories featuring their characters that rivalled what Marvel has done, so there’s a ton of source material from which to draw.

It’s also important that anyone who likes the movies can go back and pick up the comics and not be completely lost. That was the case when Fox released X-Men in 2000 and there wasn’t a single X-Men comic that mirrored the movie whatsoever. Marvel has tried to make up for it in recent years with The Invincible Iron Man, which fans of the movie can pick up fairly easily, and more recently, with Avengers Assemble, a comic that’s closer to the movie than the regular Avengers books.

It’s a very important two-way street where the comics should inspire the movies and the movies should convince those who may not normally read comics to check some of them out, but to do that, the people making the movies and those doing the comics need to communicate, and that’s a big part of what’s made Marvel Studios’ movies work so well.