The Resident Evil Films: A Look Back and at What’s to Come

What it’s about: Picking up 18 months after the last film, we find Alice and her clones leading an assault on the Tokyo Umbrella Headquarters. From there she journeys to Alaska where presumably the rest of the survivors are only to find that Claire is the only one still around. They fly to Los Angeles where they meet up with another group of survivors (the fact that these people have survived in LA for five years is an absolute miracle). There’s still cleanup to do with all of the mess that Umbrella has created. Though the movie is a bit of a step to the side from the previous in terms of “Post Apocalyptic” it still manages to have the kind of look and feel that most zombie movies don’t.
The best moments: The opening sequence in Japan is great. It’s got all of the sword and gun play of the best scenes from “The Matrix” but with multiple Mila Jovovich’s running around doing the killing instead of Keanu. The sequence plays out like a video game with an unending amount of bad guys to kill along with a supply of “lives” for the character – as the clones are killed, another pops up to take over.
How does it hold up to the games: We see some additions from the game, but at this point it doesn’t really have a resemblance plot wise. Chris Redfield finally shows up in the series and between him, Claire, and Alice they all make a great team. Wesker is also back and he finally looks like the Wesker from game, due largely in part to his bonding with the T-Virus and being a super powered mutant. You can also see the influences of the fourth and fifth games as we see the Majini, The Executioner, and Wesker’s dogs look strangely like the Ganados/Las Plagas from Resident Evil 4.
What is its connection to the other films: It picks up with Alice’s promise to hunt and kill everyone involved with Umbrella at the end of the third. Plus you can see how she actually uses the clones of herself to aid in the mission, though there are slightly less of them than the ending of the third film would suggest. The film ends with a big tease that things are clearly far from over for Alice and her friends.

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