Who We Want to See in the New Ninja Turtles Movie



There are rumblings that the bad guys in the new film will be aliens (going along with the much-bashed alien origin of the film), but we all would rather see Shredder taking center stage to fight the Turtles. It’s not a Ninja Turtles movie without Shredder (thought the animated “TMNT” was a good watch). The one thing that should at least be attempted with Shredder is to make him a more human and empathetic villain. That might not seem like the point, but if you can make an evil character that is just as easy to root for as the heroes are, then you’ve got a complex story on your hands.
I think I’ve got the perfect actor for this one figured out, there is just one problem – I don’t think he speaks English. I think Choi Min-Sik should play Shredder. Don’t recognize the name? Ever seen a picture called “Oldboy” or “I Saw The Devil”? This guy is one of the most menacing looking actors on the planet and he plays psycho like it is second nature. One way we can get around the whole “No English” thing is have Shredder speak as little as possible, treat him like the shark in “Jaws.” He can pop up every now and then and make a big splash.
You’ve found yourself at the end of our list. Agree? Disagree? What do you think? Who do you want to see in the Ninja Turtles remake? Fire away about it in the comments.
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(Choi Min-Sik photo: Wikipedia.org)

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