Who We Want to See in the New Ninja Turtles Movie



There area a lot of different ways to go with April in terms of her characterization and where she would best be useful. The idea of her being a news reporter would please the fans the most, but I think taking her back to her computer hacker roots would make the film more exciting. Judith Hoag and Paige Turco handled the character really well as a reporter, but we’ve now seen her this way for three live action movies, it’s time for a change. Plus giving her a hand in potentially volatile situations as a hacker could lend more credence to the character and there’s always the possibility of having her become a pupil of Splinter’s.
This was the hardest to pick of all the roles. I had a list of about seven actresses I thought would be great for the role, but I narrowed it down to the one I think is most capable – Anna Kendrick. She’s beautiful, she’s a great actress, she’s funny (which could be another good add on for the character with helping Mike in the comedic relief) and she happens to look like April O’Neil. She might not be a household name, but after her role as Stacey Pilgrim in “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World” and her role in the “Twilight” films, genre fanboys and fangirls all already know and love her.
(Anna Kendrick photo: WENN.com)

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