Who We Want to See in the New Ninja Turtles Movie



The wise sage of the Turtles is probably the least talked about character that is a part of the team. We usually only see the character as he appears to the turtles – an advice giving giant rat that doesn’t do much more than meditate. I think a new direction should be taken for the big guy, however. Yes, it would be a total disservice to the character and the years of Turtle mythology to have him suddenly not be their own personal adviser, but we should see Splinter in action. He needs to fight. Not only should he try and tackle Shredder, but I also want to see a scene where he single-handedly dismantles a group of The Foot Clan. Also his origin is a big piece of contention with many fans. I’m fine with either interpretation wherein he is mutated because of the same Ooze as the Turtles or that he is a reincarnated warrior from long ago (see the new IDW “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” series).
Though it might not be the kind of role he would want, I can see Ken Watanabe for the part. Based on the sheer amount of awards the man has been nominated for and won we know he’s got the acting chops, though he never has taken the task of playing a mutant karate rat. I think he’s totally capable of pulling off the motion capture of the character, considering it would be mostly sitting and talking, but for that one hypothetical scene I want to see of him kicking ass, it would be so worth the pay off.
(Ken Watanabe photo: Lia Toby/WENN.com)

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