Who We Want to See in the New Ninja Turtles Movie



Now Mike of course is the joker of the group and I see no reason to change this. But could we at least consider, in addition to his goofball jokes, that he also have a streak of dark corny humor to him? Not as bad as David Caruso in “CSI Miami” but in a similar vein. We also need to see him be the constant in the group. While Leo struggles with his inner battle with leadership, Raph is tormented with trying to prove himself, and Don worries about their problems, we should see Mike never changing from being the ever present funny one, laughing in the face of certain death.
While I kind of hope they don’t go for typical surfer talking actors in the film, Michelangelo should still have the meekest of the voices among the group and for that reason I think Aaron Johnson should put on the orange bandana. We know he’s physically capable of doing what Mike does based on his stint as Kick-Ass and if you go back and listen to the way he talks in that film, he sounds like a teenager. He’s got a weird young adult voice (that I think he could create again for this character) with a hint of uncertainty, but the character still managed to play off the danger around him by joking about it (not unlike Spider-Man). Plus Mike’s nunchucks are similar to the wooden batons that Kick-Ass himself carried around.
(Aaron Johnson photo: WENN.com)

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