Who We Want to See in the New Ninja Turtles Movie



I think Don is the kind of character that’s a part of the Turtles that you don’t really appreciate until you’re older. Sure, as a kid he’s got a big stick that he swings around, and was thus the easiest to imitate in the backyard because there were big sticks there, but he got a bad wrap as “the brains” of the turtles. He is the smartest of the four but that doesn’t mean he can’t get tripped up, confused, or be the most badass in a fight with the Foot Clan. We need to see Donatello more as a warrior, an integral part of the turtle machine not only in his intellectual contributions but in combat.
This was an easy choice (among the many difficult ones that I did have) because as I said, Donatello should be the intellectual superior but also just as capable in combat, so in the role I see Zachary Quinto. He’s got the fighting bits down after what we’ve seen in “Heroes” and “Star Trek,” but his role as Spock not only made him a formidable physical opponent, he also made you feel smarter when he spoke. Plus he’s totally capable of making his characters empathetic be they a homicidal super villain, a pointy eared alien, or in this case a giant talking turtle.
(Zachary Quinto photo: WENN.com/FayesVision)

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