Who We Want to See in the New Ninja Turtles Movie



Raph is usually the other favorite Ninja Turtle among fans (in my experience). I do think that in his case it’s definitely his attitude and ruthlessness that make him so loved. These are aspects of the character that should be embraced for the film, but at the same time we need to look deeper at Raph. Getting further into his character we need to learn why he is so aggressive. Sure, it could be argued that in the other films he does it as a way of getting attention from Master Splinter over Leonardo, but the character could be given a deeper story if we look at what made him this way. Raph could also possess a strong amount of pathos if we see him either take a life or go to the extreme in terms of violence and how he deals with it.
Based on this criteria it didn’t take long for me to think of the perfect Raphael – Aaron Paul. If you’ve never seen “Breaking Bad,” you’re not only missing out on the incredible performance that Bryan Cranston delivers, but Paul is just as much an acting juggernaut. The way his character on the show deals with the horrible things that he does is what makes him such a loveable character actor, but you can see in all his performances that there is an aggressive streak hidden down inside him that he could easily channel into a performance as Raphael.
(Aaron Paul photo: FayesVision/WENN.com)

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