11 Characters We Want to See in the Justice League Movie

#6 Green Lantern

Yeah, he’s had his own movie and it was really disappointing. Ryan Reynolds wasn’t a bad choice for Hal in my opinion, he was just given a poor script and almost no direction and that is why we have a bad Green Lantern movie. If Reynolds had acted more like the character instead of every other role he’d been in, the film could have survived. Hal needs to be daring and absolutely fearless (which he wasn’t) but he should also be humorous and able to make light of a situation (just not in that Ryan Reynolds kind of way).

Green Lantern is the character that would be the most fun in a Justice League film (next to Batman that is) because of how he is so headstrong and, even though he’s on a giant space cop team, is not a team player. He doesn’t think before he acts in most situations and often pays the price. He’d most likely be the comedic relief of the film, of course when Wonder Woman and Aquaman aren’t asking about things like Burger King and Twitter.

It might seem out of place for me to recast the roll, considering I didn’t for Henry Cavill as Superman, but I can’t help but think there is a better candidate to say the oath this time around. My pick for this one is Ryan Gosling. He’s got star power (which is appealing to the studios), he kind of looks like Hal Jordan (his looks will result in more than a few ticket purchases), and he’s great in a fight/action movie (you’ve seen Drive right?). My only other addendum is the costume. While the all CG costume didn’t look too bad at times for the first film, let’s go with a practical one for the Justice League.

(Ryan Gosling photo: WENN.com)