11 Characters We Want to See in the Justice League Movie

#4 The Flash

I grew up watching The Flash TV show on Sci-Fi as a kid so there’s a soft spot in my heart for the character, but he’s never been done on the big screen (and one could argue he’s never been done RIGHT either). One way the character is different from others is that his secret identity Barry Allen still has a day job and he uses that as a crux for his crime fighting. We all know that CSI style shows are popular so why not make a superhero movie that has a stance toward the crime solving aspect of the job? Not every issue of a comic is about someone trying to take over/destroy the earth so not every movie should be either.

The personality of Barry Allen is what makes people love him. The thing about him that is so different from Batman or Superman is that he’s quite similar in nature when he has the mask on or off. Plus with his super powers being so different from the rest of the team, he’s bound to have plenty of usefulness among them.

Picking The Flash was a tough choice too but I eventually found a good contender, Michael Fassbender. Yeah, he’s already Magneto but do you remember Chris Evans in Fantastic Four? He got to be two guys and they’re from the same comic company! So with his stint as Magneto and in Inglorious Basterds, we know he can handle the action. Plus with the body of work he’s produced we know he has the range as an actor to portray the fastest man alive and make it seem real. Also, with the amount of rumors that get started about roles he’s playing, we all know he’s a popular guy.

(Michael Fassbender photo: Zibi/WENN.com)