11 Characters We Want to See in the Justice League Movie

#3 Wonder Woman

The final piece in the DC trinity. There hasn’t been a big screen adaptation of Wonder Woman before but there certainly should be. She has a lot more going for her in terms of stories and combat than most people give her credit for and I think a lot of that is due to the Linda Carter TV series of old. One reason there probably hasn’t been a film about the Amazonian is WB is probably worried that men wouldn’t go see a female driven action/adventure movie, well look no further than The Hunger Games.

The one thing that is potentially problematic about a JLA movie is that so many of the characters are outsiders. They’re on the fringes of modern culture and don’t exactly fit in with the customs and traditions of “typical America,” but then again most of the members of this summer’s The Avengers didn’t fit in anywhere else too so I guess it doesn’t matter. For Wonder Woman though I think it would be important to embrace her strengths in the team movie, especially when you put her next to a group of hunky strong men. If we can see Wonder Woman being smarter, braver, and stronger in certain regards than her partners on the JLA this is a good route to expand on the character (after she get’s her own solo movie, because come on, we all secretly want one).

Picking who should play Wonder Woman was a tough one, probably the toughest decision I made while compiling this list. But I arrived at a decision and I think none other than Rhone Mitra should don the tiara and gauntlets. We know she can do the action (Doomsday/Underworld) plus she has the exotic look that the character should retain, we can’t have an almost pale white lady playing Wonder Woman. All around she has the acting chops to pull this off. She doesn’t have the star power, which the studio would feel they need to sell a Wonder Woman film. If only we could get a capable writer/director to pull this off….maybe someone who was going to make a Wonder Woman movie and then made the biggest Superhero movie of all time? I don’t think he’s coming back.

(Rhona Mitra photo: Nikki Nelson/ WENN.com)