11 Characters We Want to See in the Justice League Movie

#2 Superman

Again an obvious choice, but get used to seeing those. Through all the Superman films that have been released, we’ve still never really seen him fighting a villain that matches him, let alone an ally that is as fully capable of being a hero as he is. There’s not a lot of competition for the golden boy of DC heroes and even though he is so powerful, that doesn’t mean he couldn’t benefit from being on the team.

Now with the current Superman movie Man of Steel being produced, we don’t want to stray too far away from what they’re doing now, because for all we know they’re already trying to make a JLA movie and Superman is their first step toward it. So our pick is of course Henry Cavill. Just look at that first photo of him as Superman, it’s fantastic!

What could be problematic or cool about this choice is we don’t know what Man of Steel will be like or how Cavill’s performance will resonate, but seeing him work alongside the other heroes of the DC universe, knocking out aliens and robots with Batman and Green Lantern by his side, could make the character even more popular with people that are only halfway interested in seeing his solo movie.