11 Characters We Want to See in the Justice League Movie

#11 Darkseid

You saw this coming right? The big mastermind behind the devious plot of the film should be none other than Darkseid himself. It wouldn’t take much for it to work and be believable, plus if we’re doing films about aliens and space cops why can’t a giant evil New God work in the film?

Yeah he’s a little similar to Marvel’s Thanos, who will probably be the main antagonist in The Avengers sequel, but that’s where WB can beat Marvel and put him in their movie first. The likelihood of this happening is a little unlikely but again if they want to make him different all they should really need to do is give him a different motivation of attack and a different type of attack on the planet and its heroes and the comparisons should end (they won’t).

This was a tough one but since like Doomsday, the performance would more than likely be mo-cap. What you really need for Darkseid is a sinister voice and I think the prime candidate for this is Michael Clarke Duncan. Yeah, he did the voice of Kilowog in Green Lantern, but that’s not something everyone will remember when watching him try and destroy the earth as Darkseid.

Well, you’ve made it to the end of our list, unless you skipped to the ending. By now I’m sure you either agree with me on some of these accounts or think I’m a total idiot. Either way, fire away about it in the comments. Who did we forget? Who did we cast totally wrong? Which villain would be way better? Let us know!

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(Michael Clarke Duncan photo: Jeff Daly / WENN.com)

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