11 Characters We Want to See in the Justice League Movie

#10 Doomsday

I thought a lot about how the villain would work forJustice League. Should it be one? Two? Three? Should it be like The Avengers and have one primary villain with a group of henchmen that we all know? I decided a weird hybrid of all of these things and the first name that came to mind was of course Doomsday.

Putting Doomsday in the film could be tricky, but if he serves as an opening problem in the film and as the catalyst for what will bring the Justice League together in the end that would work handsomely. Sure, he’s an awesomely powerful beast with a rather weird and complicated origin but not all of that need be addressed in the film, at least not this one. The first act of the film should make it look like Doomsday is the main problem and he is defeated only to discover that there is a bigger threat looming for whom Doomsday is just a pawn.

My choice for Doomsday is a little unorthodox. Since Doomsday isn’t exactly known for being a talker, mostly a puncher, I thought it best to look for an actor that is more known for punching than talking – Derek Mears. He played Jason Voorhees and a Predator for goodness sake. He’s had a pretty epic career as far as stuntmen/actors do and I think performing the mo-cap of Doomsday would be beneficial for him as well as the film.

(Derek Mears photo: Daniel Tanner/ WENN.com)