What We Want to See in The Amazing Spider-Man

Mixing of Personal and Superhero Drama

This is what makes Spider-Man so beloved and relatable by almost everyone – at the end of the day he’s just another guy. Sure he can stop bank robbers, car thieves, and giant mutant lizard people, but if he doesn’t do his homework and take out the garbage he gets in trouble. Garfield already seems to have embraced the “every man’ persona of Peter Parker, while also channeling his more personal quirks, and seems to be more comfortable in the skin of the character than Tobey Maguire was. If we see a proper mix of (GOOD) personal drama that is played out well from the script and delivered properly from the actors, coupled with an odd mirroring of the Superhero dynamics and tension, this will make for a great comic book film. While I don’t think that the every day life of Peter Parker will be even close to the center of the film’s attention, it would do it good to see him just being a kid in high school in between web swinging.

Flash Thompson/Peter Parker Showdown

The first trailer raised some suspicions about whether Flash would be in the film or not and after some IMDb investigation we found he in fact is. The first Spider-man film, of course, had the mini-duel between the two after Peter first got his powers and it was more of a brute strength showing than an actual scuffle between the two. A good set up would be Peter’s wit making Flash seem like a brute, which would result in a good shoving or tripping as the bully train of thought goes, and then culminating into a good brawl between the two that showcases Peter’s abilities. The thing about this that would make it quite poetic, and in that regard very Spider-Man, is if this bout happens when no one else is watching. Either way, even if there’s no physical blows being thrown between the two, their rivalry needs to be addressed but not entirely settled.

Using His Powers in Clever Ways

Not to say that his powers were used poorly in the first three films, but this could be a crux that brings the film to a screeching halt for some. The biggest potential mishap of course is the ‘Spider Sense.’ This should be ever present throughout his fights, unless otherwise taken away via sickness or something else. Being his ‘danger sense,’ it’s vital to his abilities as both a fighter and a hero. Another important thing would be that his web shooting and web lines are used well, but the thing about Spidey’s combat that should be the most interesting is his actual hand to hand abilities. Considering Peter has no formal combat experience prior to putting on the tights, the fighting should look sporadic due to his lack of training but graceful in regard to the ways he moves as Spider-Man. There should be a good mix of straight fighting combined with his wall crawling and web slinging abilities, and the Spider Sense has to “go off” any time someone throws a punch or fires a gun.


Now, this is of course different from referencing future villains. The film could go as a far as having story arcs from the comics being referenced, even if the filmmakers have no intention of doing those stories. Again, since a Lab is the setting of a chunk of the film, is it too out of line for someone to just toss out a line about cloning or even a reference to the Ultimate Comics version of Venom? Plus you can’t go wrong with a shot of The Daily Bugle in the background as Peter swings past it. As I said earlier, these things should be totally subtle, so let’s hope there’s not a scene in the film when Gwen Stacy is rubbing her neck and complaining about it hurting – that would be too much.

What do you think? What do you want to see in The Amazing Spider-Man? Sound off in the comments!

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