11 Avengers We MUST See in an Avengers Sequel

#5 Wonder Man (Simon Williams)

Another great long-time Avenger that could bring another level of power to the group as Thor or Iron Man is Simon Williams aka Wonder Man, giving them another powerhouse on the level of the Hulk, but one that’s a bit more rational and easier to control. Like some of the other characters we’ve mentioned, Simon’s history with the group is complicated to say the least, but his history with them goes all the way back to The Avengers #9 in which he was killed. He was still on the group’s mind and he was revived a number of times during the ‘70s, mostly by bad guys, before becoming a regular member of the group in the ‘80s.

Wonder Man got his superhuman strength and other powers from being treated with “ionic energy” by Cap villain Baron Zemo, something that eventually took over his entire body to the point where he barely looks human anymore. His personality has changed a lot from the early days of a villain to becoming a team member and becoming an actor in Hollywood, and now he’s kind of back to being angry again. He’s also gone through a lot of different uniforms, some rather stylish, others kinda lame, so there’s a lot of different ways they can go for a movie.

There’s really so much that could be done with the character in a movie if someone finds a way to condense his history into something that fits in with the current roster of characters Heck, maybe Simon could start out as an actor who somehow gets his powers in an accident and the Avengers invite him to join the team to keep an eye on him since he’s so volatile.

We could totally see someone like Armie Hammer pulling off the role, and we think that it would be a great follow-up to playing the Lone Ranger.

(Armie Hammer photo: Mr. Blue/WENN.com)