11 Avengers We MUST See in an Avengers Sequel

#4 Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers)

We have no idea if Marvel ever has plans to get into the Kree-Skrull War that would introduce the concept of the alien race of Kree or their technology and the character of Captain Marvel whose blood would turn Carol Danvers into the super-powered Ms. Marvel, but she’s played such a big part of the Avengers through so many of its incarnations over the years.

Carol comes from a military background having been in the Air Force, and she’s gone through so much since gaining powers, actually having been put through such a ringer over the years with a number of controversial storylines that’s really left her quite desperately in need of therapy. Yeah, male comic book writers have always seemed to have it in for poor Carol and yet her fanbase has grown. Black Widow can’t be the only strong woman on the team, and it would be great to have a woman with some real power, one who could hold her own against Iron Man or Thor, which is certainly the case with Ms. Marvel. Heck, DC Entertainment is probably never going to get a Wonder Woman TV show or movie made, so maybe it’s time for Marvel Studios to show them how it’s done by doing a Ms. Marvel movie. The timing couldn’t be more perfect to introduce her to movie fans, since Marvel Comics is going to be reintroducing Carol Danvers as the new Captain Marvel in a couple shot months.

So who should play Ms. Marvel? We’ll go with Jaime King, a terrific genre actress who could really use a big break and we think that she would kill it in the role as Carol Danvers. Make it happen, Marvel!

(Jaime King photo: FayesVision/WENN.com)