11 Avengers We MUST See in an Avengers Sequel

#2 Ant-Man / Yellowjacket / Goliath (Dr. Henry Pym)

One of the most important members of the Avengers in our opinion is Hank Pym, who was one of the charter members of the group as Ant-Man, but a character who has gone through as many changes personally as the group has gone over the years.

At first, Dr. Pym was a scientist who could shrink and communicate with ants, but literally within years of being introduced, he was playing with his Pym particles to allow himself to increase in size and became Giant-Man and then Goliath. Then he kind of went schizo and became Yellowjacket, a much darker character created from the pressures of work, and that’s when problems started between him and his wife, Janet Van Dyne aka The Wasp. He’s also responsible for creating Ultron, the killer cyborg that’s plagued the Avengers almost since their inception. We would hope that by a third movie Marvel would be ready to have Ultron as a villain, but hopefully they’ll want to introduce Hank Pym as one of his many superhero characters before then. Oddly, Pym hasn’t really been anywhere near the core-Avengers group in some time, instead teaching at “Avengers Academy.”

Of course, there’s been a lot of talk of the Ant-Man movie being developed by Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish, and we’re not sure if that’s planned as Hank Pym or Scott Lang (a later Avengers member) or someone else altogether, but we can only hope that their movie will eventually tied into an “Avengers” sequel.

They could go a lot of different ways with this casting but it really has to be someone who can pull off the drama, just like Mark Ruffalo does with Dr. Bruce Banner in the current movie. If they were going older and more experienced, we’d probably suggest someone like Jon Hamm for the role–we already know he can handle “fighting with your wife” aspect from “Mad Men,” huh?–but we think Marvel may want to balance all the older cast members with someone younger, so we’re going a bit off the radar and thinking outside the box by going with Jason Ritter, a terrific dramatic actor who could probably do for this role what Downey has done for Tony Stark. You’d have to image Pym as someone just a couple years out of college whose doctoral thesis was on the Pym particles, but someone who is clearly too young to handle the pressures of instant fame, let alone being on a team with Gods and legends. 

(Jon Hamm photo: Starbux/WENN.com)