11 Avengers We MUST See in an Avengers Sequel

#11 Rick Jones

His connections to Captain America, Captain Marvel and the Hulk (he was there for the Hulk’s origin!) makes Rick Jones one of the most important characters in the Marvel Universe, although sadly, he’s been underused in the comics in recent years. Jones has absolutely no powers so what would he bring to the mix? I’ll tell you. Rick Jones is the fanboy in all of us who gets to hang with the superheroes, and we could see him being introduced as someone who helps with the PR or clerical stuff that comes with being The Avengers.

From what we remember, the character was used as a cameo in The Incredible Hulk, though not played by an actor who could play the role in an Avengers movie. We’re kind of bummed we already used Jason Ritter as our choice for Ant-Man, ’cause actually he’d be even better as Rick Jones. We just want to see Jason Ritter used in some big movies ‘cause he’s terrific and he’s kind of been stuck in bad indie movie hell in recent years. So yeah, if you’re not going to use him to play a very different take on Ant-Man, then let’s make him Rick Jones and give him a part in The Avengers 2!

(Jason Ritter photo: Nikki Nelson/ WENN.com)

We’ll also throw in one quick Honorable Mention, because we already know that Hank McCoy aka The Beast is already part of 20th Century Fox’s deal when they got the rights for the X-Men, so the chance of seeing a few subplots involving him and Wonder Man getting up to their usual extracurricular Avengers shenanigans is doubtful. But like Hank Pym, McCoy has always added a lot to the Avengers when he was a member, and it’s a shame that we’ll never see that on the big screen.

If you’ve gotten this far, hopefully you have your own opinions on who you want to see in the Avengers sequels, so let us know in the comments who you’d want to see and who you think should play them.