11 Avengers We MUST See in an Avengers Sequel

#10 Hercules

Confusion with the Kevin Sorbo television show and various bad Italian movies from the ‘50s and ‘60s aside, Hercules has been a mainstay in the Marvel Universe since being introduced way back in The Avengers #10 (although that was later revealed to not be the true Hercules). Since then, he’s been regular frenemy of Thor in his comic, before being reinvented as a fun-loving womanizing party animal by Bob Layton during the ‘80s. Hercules as a character had been all but forgotten in the Marvel Universe until a few years back when he took over the Hulk’s book for a little over a year.

So why might we need another super-strong God in the Marvel Movie Universe? Well, other than the Warriors Three and Loki, there’s never really been anyone on Thor’s level for him to call a friend and be able relate to on his own level… as a God. If these two were on the same team, you just know that they’d be hyper-competitive about trying to one-up each other and prove which God’s mythology is the better one, which could allow for some fun scenes.

But who would play Hercules? It would have to be someone big and muscular who has a good amount of charm and personality, and unfortunately Ray Stevenson was already used to play Volstagg. Maybe they could think outside the box and go with a comic actor who has the bulk to play a bulkier God, even if they don’t have the physique. We think Tyler Labine of Tucker and Dale vs. Evil and Rise of the Planet of the Apes would make a great Hercules and the guy is funny as hell, so he could probably even steal a couple scenes from Robert Downey Jr. Maybe he could do performance capture and they could use CG to create Hercules’ physique on him but we think his personality and beard take him halfway there. (The big issue here is that Dwayne Johnson seems to want to make a Hercules movie of his own.)

(Tyler Labine photo: Dominic Chan/ WENN.com)