Thor: The Set Visit


Before leaving the set, we got the chance to do the one thing we had all been thinking about doing all day long. Tamar Teifeld, Paramount’s amazing publicist, arranged for a special look at Thor’s hammer, an incredibly hefty prop that, fortunately, it turned out we were all worthy enough to wield and, left to our own devices, would have probably spent the rest of the day playing with.

Exiting to a small screening room, Kyle showed us a sizzle reel that had been prepared from previously shot material, consisting mostly of costume test footage.  Featuring a great deal of Thor in action, the shots especially highlighted the awesome movement of his red cape. Interestingly enough, a shot of Loki in the footage showed the character in a business suit, hinting, no doubt, of some corporate string-pulling later in the story. 

With that, it was time to return to Earth, putting the incredible time on Asgard behind me. Sadly, there is no Rainbow Bridge to bear regular return to the world of Gods, but this Midgardian existence is furthered with the knowledge that we haven’t long to wait:

Thor hits theaters on May 6, 2011.

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